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A new place appeared on the art map of Moscow in spring 2016. Art gallery Tolstoy was opened in elite residential complex «Literator», district Khamovniky. It presents a unique collection of paintings and sculptures of modern european artists.

The owners of the gallery Mikhail Freyndorf and Marina Belik are totaly in love with art. One day they started studying modern western art and collecting sculptures and paintings. During the trips they got to know the leading european artists personally. Their interest, after short period of time, grew into the private art-place. Gallery consists of more that 100 works. Most of them are for the first time introduced in Russia and are one and only copy. Today Art gallery Tolstoy collaborates with 20 artists and is always open for the interesting contemporary sculptors and painters.


Antonio Tamburro

Luca Bellandi

Marco Tamburro

Featured Collection

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