Art gallery opening

“Tolstoy” art gallery opening

14 June 2016
On June 14 in Moscow opening of new art gallery – “Tolstoy” took place. The action turned out solemn and house at the same time: all gathered guests are friends, partners, colleagues, designers, architects and journalists for all evening plunged into the atmosphere of the real holiday which filled cozy space of gallery.
The program of evening was saturated, to miss to guests was once: specially for one day to Moscow from Paris arrived the French sculptor Michel Mirogi which operations are in great demand at judges of refined plastics worldwide, and now are provided also in Moscow; Alexey Dorozhkin, the editor-in-chief of ELLE Décoration log (issuing of a bonus class about the modern interior), told about the principles of placement of objects of art in interiors and showed the brightest and interesting interiors of judges of art and the famous persons on examples. The popular leader of radio “Energy” Georgy Gagloyev was in combination leader of evening and held a draw of gifts from partners of evening.
In the gallery specializing in works of the modern western art, guests could get acquainted with patterns of Angelo Accardi, Tamburro, Luca Ballandi. Special interest was attracted by the bronze sculptures of Mirogi which are also provided in gallery. The author herself told about that, how exactly they were created that inspired her on creation of operations with an easy crape of intimacy and a sensuality and why it gave to operations special sharpness and created unique esthetic effect.
Alexey Dorozhkin entered to the creative atmosphere of a little application-oriented component and shared the basic rules of a poveska of patterns in an interior. The first principle – prepotent when all interior of the room is subordinate to the principal subject – a pattern. This principle is more often used if a pattern – the real object of art and pride of masters. It is possible to call the second principle more democratic is a shpalerny design of space when from several separate objects – frames, patterns – a whole is created. And, at last, the third principle – contrasting. When in a classical interior place objects of the modern art, and in the modern, on the contrary, – to classic.
ozhno safely to recognize that the long-term novel with art which began at owners of gallery long ago wasn’t in vain and now it was transformed to new cozy and conceptual space where everything is picked up in good style and love. The action was visited by more than hundred guests – both judges of art, and professionals of the market: for example, fashionable Moscow designer Mike Shilov, famous architect Natalia Samoylova, etc. All guests marked the pleasant atmosphere of evening, enjoyed qualitative music, good snack, champagne and wine and received not only pleasant impressions, but also gifts and flowers.