Action “Attraction”


More than once we were convinced of that, how organically painting and wine supplement each other. The other day we have met the first spring day by five of our wines best-sellers in Art gallery “Tolstoy” on the closed display of a series of works “Attraction” of the artist Alexey Terenin.
Alexey’s works are a conceptual modern interior painting which bewitches the idea and an artistic design. Judges of art and participants of club of TLN have communicated with the painter and have got acquainted with his surrealistic pictures riddles, and still – with not less impressive wines from our range: New Zealand Vicar’s Choice SauvignonBlanc, Chilean PenalolenCabernet Sauvignon and Italian Losco Sangiovese Maremma, Chardonnay Di Lenardo, Prosecco Ca’ del Doge.
Tasting was carried out by the head of corporate department Evgenia Fomina, the manager of corporate department Anastasia Pikanina and the deputy manager of boutique in Novinsky Boulevard Lilia Lavrinenko.
It is possible to visit gallery “Tolstoy” by appointment at the address Leo Tolstoy St., 23/7.
Ekaterina Osipovich, edition of the Wine House of Kaudal